By Lieneke Hulshof

The installations of Özlem Altin are based on her extensive photographic archives. She presents her own photographs alongside those of other artists, her own drawings alongside objects she has found and her own videos alongside photocopied pages. The collection exposes her fascination for representations of the human body. ‘In fact I am always searching for the moment at which a sort of transformation or change takes place, for instance, when a body no longer represents an individual, but has become more abstract, almost object-like.’ These are images of people who cannot be recognised, who are hiding behind something: an averted gaze, a body that has almost dissolved into its environment or become one with its shadow. Altin’s work emphasises how our perspective is never permanent, but always fluid, reproduced by means of constantly repeated re-interpretations of past events. She shows how all of us constantly re-interpret our own memories.