By Nathanja van Dijk

It will, it will. I’ve guaranteed it #6, 2014
It will, it will. I’ve guaranteed it #11, 2014

Can we escape the effect gravity has on us, and be free of the earthly weight of economic, social and political problems? This is a recurring question in the work of Julieta Aranda, regardless of whether she is setting up an international exchange economy or making parabolic flights.

Aranda’s long-term, dedicated projects unfold themselves around such topics as how we perceive and experience time, economic relationships and the circulation of information. The works: It will, it will. I’ve guaranteed it, #6 and #11, come from a series that focuses on the relationship between our minds and bodies, between manual and non-manual occupations. To this she links the question as to how much power we still have over our own imagination in this so-called semi-capitalistic era. An era that is characterised by ‘a crisis of over-production’ that manifests itself not only on an economic level but also psychologically. Our minds are perpetually surrounded and stimulated by an excess of symbols, data and extracted information, as a result of which the space for our own imagination appears to implode.