Hadassah Emmerich makes paintings, drawings and murals, to name a few. In her collage-like paintings she often uses linocuts in combination with ink, water colours, pastels, spray paints, acrylic varnish or crayons. Being Dutch, but with German, Chinese and Indonesian roots, she concentrates on representing 'the exotic': how does one represent ‘the other’ or that which is ‘alien’? Apart from cultural identity, religion, nature and psychology also play a role in her work.

Emmerich’s dazzling works seem organic and sensual, whether or not accompanied by recognisable imagery and decorative elements. The baroque character is reinforced by the exuberant use of colour and the monumental formats she often uses for her paintings and murals. Emmerich, inspired as she was by ‘murales’, classical Italian murals, prefers to create experiences: work that draws you in and in which you, the onlooker, could disappear.