By Yasmijn Jarram

Jonas Ohlsson is a multi-faceted artist: he draws, makes installations and objects, but also composes music, writes texts and performs regularly as Blodfet & DJ Lonely. His visual art is just as multi-faceted. It is comprised of chaotic collections of popular and personal references. In addition to music, provocation and humour are clearly present in his work, as are sex, drugs, politics, history of art and street culture. Formal aspects, such as composition and use of colour, are – ultimately – not as important as the experiences that Ohlsson wants to evoke with his work.

His background in electronic music pervades his artistic process, where a major role is played by intuition and free association. He is quoted as saying that the work develops itself. This is why Ohlsson prefers to work during the night, in order to achieve the level of consciousness that allows him to put his everyday experiences straight onto paper. Although this often leads to fairly explicit images, Ohlsson never imposes his own opinion on onlookers. He regards the creation and consumption of art as an uninterrupted discussion with everyone and no-one at the same time: a debate with eternity.