Klein Onderhoud
5 Feb 2015 Starts at: 5 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

Garage Rotterdam gives young, talented artists the opportunity to present themselves during Klein Onderhoud. This time, the installation ‘Only the moment expresses the Obscene’ (Alleen het moment toont het Obscene) by Carlijn Voorneveld will be shown. Carlijn Voorneveld has been introduced by Gijs Assman, one of the artists who is participating in the current exhibition entitled Order & Chaos.

“Carlijn Voorneveld’s installation consists of photographs, performances and videos. Her work of art shows the mysteries, the magic and secrets of our existence and the bizarre appearances of life. By turning the upsetting theme into a cheerful, yet a somewhat painful slapstick-like shape, she makes a sharp and mesmerising statement which engages, entertains as well as upsets and shocks the viewer.”
Gijs Assman