Brandstof (Fuel)
23 Jan 2015 Starts at: 8:15 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

To what extent are visual artists aware of the underlying logic during their creative process? If ‘something’ isn’t quite right, then why? Questions like this play a key part in the Order & Chaos group exhibition. How can you leave the ratio out of account, in order to create room for a different point of view

Jonas Ohlsson is one of the artists whose work is shown as part of Order & Chaos. During Brandstof (Fuel), the activity that is regularly programmed to offer additional content, he will perform an Electro Lecture using his other name of Blodfet & DJ Lonely. It will be a mixture of psychedelic and electronic music. To put it in his own words: “Sit-down comedy meets noise meets concrete poetry, in which opinions, sounds, beats, effects and drones are moving back and forth between various layers of our consciousness.”

4,50 euro