Opening Necessarily True
16 May 2012 Starts at: 8 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

Necessarily True is the second exhibition of Garage Rotterdam about the necessity of having a personal artistic style when creating representations of inner worlds. In this digital age, the visual artists participating in this exhibition have once more explored the meaning of being in direct physical contact with their material. This offers an ample playing field for the subconscious. The original, uncensored image ends up on canvas or paper like a visual primal scream without giving reason a chance to interfere. Similar to outsider art and ethnic art, there is an inner, emotional necessity in which the outward form merely serves the representation of a feeling. Intuitively representing the external world was a goal for early expressionists but for the artists of Necessarily True, it is a means.

17 March until 8 July 2012 with Andrew Gilbert, Marie Aly, Ben Cottrell, Paula Mueller, Robert Nicol and Derk Thijs.