ExhibitionOn the Edge

Curator: Roosmarijn Hompe
Tekst: Roosmarijn Hompe en Yasmijn Jarram

The group exhibition On the Edge investigates what imagination is founded on. Visual artists and designers are equipped to transform their imagination and a sense of wonder into objects and images. What are the limitations and opportunities they experience in this process?

The concept of ‘autonomous art’ was first introduced in the mid-19th century. Philosophers, historians and art historians have since then announced the end of this movement several times. Contemporary factors such as visual culture, digitalisation, commodification, interaction and interdisciplinarity show that the definitions of art and design are increasingly being stretched.

In this context the term ‘hybrid artist’ is used, to refer to someone who combines autonomous and applied methods in their creative profession. This hybridity is revealed in the way in which various artistic disciplines are combined: multidisciplinary art. Specific materials, skills, methods and tools are exchanged and what’s more, artists and designers also swap roles from time to time.

Despite the current multitude of ways and means to express ourselves, many visual artists and designers are returning to the starting points of their craftsmanship. How does shape come about? What are the limitations of a particular material? How do you visualise an object? What is functionality and what is aesthetics? And how do you create the illusion of space?

By raising these questions, the visual artists in this group exhibition are investigating the boundaries of their creative profession. On the Edge explores the framework of the grey ‘multidisciplinary’ area.